Tips for the Perfect Fit

Tips for the Perfect Fit

Foot Petals offers some great advice for your toughest shoe problems. From shoe fit to foot fatigue problems, and from sexy stilettos to fabulous flats to everyday pumps and casual shoes, Foot Petals has a solution to fit your unique shoe needs. Check out our FAQs and videos.


My feet are different sizes so I always have one shoe that is too big.

In your “big” shoe, layer Foot Petals cushions to get the best fit. Begin by placing Killer Kushionz inside of shoe on the insole, and then add Tip Toes on top of the Killer Kushionz in the ball of foot area. If you need more filler, place Heavenly Heelz along the back and sides. This will provide comfortable cushioning and take up the extra room inside the shoe.


The shoe I wanted only came in whole sizes. I bought a half size too big.

A simple solution is to first place a Tip Toe, then a Killer Kushionz on top. If they’re still too loose, use either Strappy Strips or Heavenly Heelz upside down on the inside top of the shoe and at the back of the heel to prevent slipping. The more cushions you add the tighter the shoe will fit.


I have very narrow feet and would love to find a way to wear stylish shoes that start out too wide.

It’s all about customising your shoe to fit your unique foot! Heavenly Heelz can be placed anywhere inside your shoe. Doubling up will take up more space. If your heels are narrow, use two pairs of Heavenly Heelz, layering one right on top of the other to keep your heels snug inside your shoes.

If your forefoot is too narrow, add a Tip Toe or Killer Kushionz - or both! You can even add a Foot Petals cushion above your foot, on the vamp area of your shoes (the vamp is the area of the shoe that touches the top of your foot). Lastly, you can add Amazing Arches to enhance.





I have a terrible burning sensation under the ball of my foot by the end of the day.

Prevent those aching feet by placing Tip Toes in your shoes prior to stepping out. These pretty petal-shaped cushions will not only help absorb shock, but will relieve stress and tension on bones and joints. Tip Toes also prevent “Ugly Overhang” and “Toe Scrunch” because they keep your feet from sliding forward.


My shoes cause ugly red marks and blisters on my feet.

Use our Crowd Control shoe stretcher to give tight-fitting shoes a bit more room. For shoes with straps, place Strappy Strips inside the straps to help absorb shock and eliminate friction. Heavenly Heelz placed behind your ankle will reduce skin irritation and help prevent blisters from forming.

Also try Pressure Pointz spot cushions. These mini miracles help to relieve pain from those “pinch points” in your shoes.


My flip flops always give me a blister between my big toe and second toe.

Tip Toes for Flip Flops work great for sandals with a toe post, because they provide stability so your feet don’t slide around. You can also add Strappy Strips to the toe posts of your flip-flops. Just wrap one around the thong and trim it. This extra cushioning will help prevent sore.


I have pain in my big toe.

The pain in your big toe is most likely caused by your foot not being correctly positioned inside your shoe. Use Killer Kushionz, which is our ¾-length cushion and provides support from your heel to the ball of foot area. The combination of our Killer Kushionz and Amazing Arches will keep you foot from sliding forward, preventing your big toe from pushing up against the front of your shoe.


How do I prevent "Pump Bumps"?

"Pump Bumps" are tender spots caused by constant pressure from a shoe cutting into the foot. They are usually found on the back of the heel, on or around the Achilles tendon, or on the top of the foot behind the toes, where the edge of your pump hits the foot.

To prevent Pump Bumps, make sure the top line of the shoe isn’t pressing against the heel tendon. Avoid buying shoes that feel tight in these areas by using these 2 simple fit rules:

Rule #1 - You should be able to slip your pinky between the shoe and your foot at the back of the heel when you are sitting.
Rule #2 - You should also be able to slip your pinky in between your foot and the top of the shoe, just behind the toes.

If you cannot do these two things, then your new shoes will eventually cause too much pressure that could hurt, cut off circulation and possibly lead to blisters! At the end of the day when we feel so happy to kick off our shoes – that is because circulation was cut off. You should never feel that way!


What to do if you already have Pump Bumps?

Eliminate the cause by applying Foot Petals Killer Kushionz into your shoes to raise or lift the heel and irritated area higher and away from the back of the shoe. Also, try applying Heavenly Heelz or Strappy Strips to ensure that the shoe fits snugly but stays on the foot and does not cut into tender areas. Our Heavenly Heelz are 10cm long by 2.5cm wide. The design is skived (meaning the cushion is thicker in the middle and gradually becomes thinner just around the edges). This skiving makes the transition from the shoe to your heel unnoticeable. Thicker, unskived cushions are not effective in treating Pump Bumps and can actually increase discomfort due to their bulkiness.

If your shoes are too small but you love them too much to give them up, try Foot Petals Crowd Control. Our patented wood shoe stretcher is designed to slide easily into your tight-fitting shoes and create a little more breathing room.


My wood soled shoes hurt my feet and cause callouses.
Place Killer Kushionz on the insole to eliminate pain while helping to prevent callouses.


I love working out but hate getting athlete's foot.

Don't wear 100% cotton socks when working out, or walking long distance. It’s much better to wear a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex because the nylon will stay drier and the spandex will keep its shape. Cotton is breathable but needs these other fibers to keep you dry, sleek and chic – because nobody wants soggy soles!


By the end of the day I have hot and swollen soles.

To reduce the swelling of tired and achy feet, use a cool gel-formulated moisturizer. Massage into your feet after a long day. Place gel moisturizer in your refrigerator to keep cool.


How do I prevent ingrown toe nails?

Don’t pull hosiery tightly across toes. Instead, leave at least 6mm of room at the front of the toes so that the toes can wiggle easily and are not bent after pulling on tights, socks or leg wear. It’s also a good idea to pull hosiery away from toes before putting on shoes. You never want to interfere with the normal toe-grip action that is necessary to take a step and to walk well. There should always be at least 6mm of extra length of sock at the end of toes – as your toes will naturally pull socks tighter just by walking.


Are there Foot Petals that can help with bunions?

Use Heavenly Heelz and Pressure Pointz to help improve overall fit and cushioning in just the right places. Also, use our Crowd Control shoe stretcher to open up the toe box so your toes have more room and are not scrunched together.




What do you suggest to keep feet from slipping and sliding when wearing panty hose with mule or clogs?

Place PORON® Tip Toes inside of shoe. Tip Toes will help keep the foot positioned properly and will prevent the foot from sliding forward. Also, Heavenly Heelz can be placed inside the vamp of the mule which will help grip and keep the shoe in place. All Foot Petals cushions work great with hosiery.


My clogs will not stay on and my feet cramp.

Place Heavenly Heelz on the underside of the vamp to add grip.


The back of my shoe slips off my heel every time I take a step.

Place Heavenly Heelz inside the heel area of shoe to help grip and prevent the heel from sliding off. This solution has an added bonus of protecting your hosiery, helping to prevent unsightly snags.


My sling backs keep falling off my heels.

Place Strappy Strips inside the strap to help grip and prevent straps from sliding down. (They also protect your hosiery.) If your shoes are a bit too big overall, try adding a Tip Toe on the ball of foot area to keep your feet from sliding forward.


My feet slide forward and hang over the front of my sandals.

Place PORON® Killer Kushionz or Tip Toes to provide a non-slip surface that prevents "ugly overhang."


My feet slide forward in my boots.

In high-heeled boots, try PORON® Killer Kushionz. They help absorb shock and will also keep feet from slipping. In winter boots, try our Washable Shearling Insoles (aka Give 'em the Boot) to add warmth and provide a snugger fit.

Bonus tip: To prevent getting "boot snag" on your favorite tights or funky fishnets, place Strappy Strips along the top edge of boots, and Pressure Pointz right where the zipper pull rests.


My sweaty feet slip around inside my shoes.

Any of our PORON® Foot Petals can help with fit and absorb moisture at the same time. For more intense sweat issues, try our Sock-Free Saviors with Odor Control.


I like to wear flats without socks but my feet need a little extra comfort and I'd like them to stay dry.

No socks, no problem! Sock Free Saviors were designed because we heard this question over and over. Our technology works even better when barefoot, with long-lasting antimicrobial protection that won’t wash away. The DRI-comfort moisture management system is built in to the terrycloth to keep feet cool and dry, while our full length PORON® cushioning absorbs shock for all day comfort.


My toes get scrunched when I wear pointy or peep toe shoes.

Place Tip Toes inside shoe in the ball of foot area. Tip Toes will help to keep the foot positioned properly and will prevent the foot from sliding forward. Then add Heavenly Heelz or Strappy Strips to line the inside of the peep toe, on the underside of the vamp. This will help to alleviate the pressure on the big toe.


I have high arches and have a hard time finding an insert I can wear.

You can try placing two Amazing Arches cushions under each arch, one on top of each other. Or use a Killer Kushionz first, and an Amazing Arch on top. These cushions will hold your arch in place and can be used in any shoe from a flip-flop to a stiletto. We’ve even used them in running shoes!





My new shoes have slick soles with no traction

Attach Sole Stopperz to the bottom of your shoes. These slip-resistant, petal-shaped traction strips will help you strut on wet or slick surfaces.


My calves are too skinny for my boots

To get the "perfect fit" on knee-length boots try placing Heavenly Heelz at the top edge of your boots to fill in the gap on calves.


Flat shoes: what should be the proper fit?

Your foot moves differently in flats. Flats allow your foot to fully spread out with each step. The arch is our natural, built-in spring (kind of like a built in shock absorber) and it absorbs 3-5 times our body weight with every step. To test this theory, sit down and trace your foot...then stand up and trace it. The difference is how much space you need inside your shoes. Do the "double pinky" test!

Step #1 - When trying on flats, make sure that you can fit the tip of your pinky finger between the back of the shoe and your foot while sitting. That's how much space your toes will need to "spring forward."

Step #2 - Make sure that you can actually wiggle your toes inside the shoes. If your pinky toe is smashed, choose a bigger shoe.


Why is PORON® such a great material for shoe cushions?

Many Foot Petals shoe cushions are made from PORON® Performance Cushioning. PORON® repels moisture, bacteria and odor, absorbs shock, and is available in colors that blend with the color of shoes. It will never lose its shape and stays put in your shoe.


What is the difference between Technogel and PORON®?

PORON® performance cushioning is the original Foot Petals shoe insert technology. PORON® has superior shock absorbing features, repels moisture, never loses its shape, and lasts the lifetime of your shoe.

Technogel is Foot Petals’ latest shoe insert line. Technogel is made of 3-dimensional shock-absorbing gel, which means that the impact from each step is dispersed outwards through the cushion. Technogel is transparent and the inserts are reusable from shoe to shoe.

Technogel with Soft Spots is now available, a dual density insert which offers an extra soft layer just where you need it.


Do your products work for men's shoes?

Even though our products are marketed toward women, they work for men! We have many male customers.