Ball-of-Foot and Arch Gel Cushions - Adhesive Shoe Pads

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Product Description

Foot Petals Ball-of-Foot and Arch Gel Cushions are stylish shoe cushions that support the arch, and cushion the ball of your foot. They help to distribute weight evenly with their 3-dimensional pressure distribution. They make your shoes more comfortable and help you to achieve the 'perfect fit'.

Made of a high performance clear gel material, these foot arch inserts work with your body's natural shock absorption system to reduce 'foot fatigue'. They help prevent calluses from forming, protect bones and tissue, and reduce back pain.

Virtually invisible, they work with sexy flats and high heels, and are perfect if you have sizing or comfort problems with your (otherwise beautiful) shoes. Self-adhesive backing holds them firmly in place in your shoes.

Dimensions of each cushion are: 65mm wide, 130mm long, 7mm thick.


  • Keeps feet from sliding forwards
  • Distribute weight evenly and reduce foot fatigue
  • Virtually invisible design
  • Made from clear gel that never goes flat
  • Repel moisture, bacteria and odours
  • Backed with self adhesive tape that can be restored by washing with soap and water
  • Reusable from shoe to shoe
  • Beautifully packaged, each pack contains 1 pair of shoe inserts (2 cushions)
  • One size fits all shoes
  • Made by Foot Petals
  • Dispatched from the UK with free shipping

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