Shoe Emergency Kit - Foot Care Multi Pack

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Product Description

Shoe fit problems pop up at the worst possible times. Don't let them stop you in your tracks! Our Shoe Emergency Kit ensures you're ready for anything with a collection of our most popular solutions. Stash this small kit in your work bag, carry-on or handbag and feel confident that you can handle whatever comes your way.

The Shoe Emergency Kit contains:

Gel Cushions

  • Ball of Foot: one pair to keep feet from sliding forward, reduce friction and cushion the ball of foot (made from clear gel)
  • Back of Heel: one pair to fix shoe fit issues and prevent heels from slipping out of shoes (made from clear gel)
  • Spot Dot: one pair to cushion trouble spots in shoes and help reduce rubbing and friction (made from clear gel)
  • Strips: one pair to add comfort to shoe straps and helps reduce rubbing and friction (made from clear gel)


  1. Remove adhesive backing
  2. Position in clean and dry area
  3. Press firmly in place
  4. Reusable from shoe to shoe (wash with soap and water to restore adhesive)


Blister Preventer

  • Forms an invisible barrier between skin and shoes.
  • Great for breaking in new footwear.
  • Portable, easy to use, no mess application 
  • Ingredients - hydrogenated vegetable oil, beeswax, fragrance


  1. Apply generously to skin anywhere irritation occurs
  2. Reapply as needed